Solitary Sojourn: Málaga, Spain

And this is why I travel alone: no agenda whatsoever, absolutely no concerns for the wants and needs of others. There will be no whining about hot, hungry, tired. No complaining that we are leaving too early or too late. No passive aggressive darts flying because we have yet to lay eyes on this cathedral or trudge through that museum. I’ve structured my entire life on this now: to simply BE in this present moment without worry about appointments or meetings or agendas. Nothing at all compels me anywhere but where I am, right here, right now. This moment I am living is noisy and full of life and activity. An absolute cacophony of birds is rioting in the canopy of tropical trees over my head. People on park benches nearby are deep in conversations in a variety of languages. This is a city trip so the world is full of the noise of city life: the tourist bus idling at the curb spewing black exhaust, the bustle of citizen traffic rushing about their daily life, the workers busy with their construction banging and pounding away. It can be seen as an unwelcome intrusion or smiled at as the vibrancy of life. The birds are honestly making the most racket.

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