Mindful Travel: different from tourism

Most people who travel do so as tourists or with some type of purpose in mind. But to engage in Mindful Travel is to go purely for the sake of going. There is no particular plan, no schedule of museums and cathedrals to check off the traveler’s to-do list, no agenda to tackle each day. Not every person can manage mindful travel. It is a different experience of a city to walk quietly alone, observing life teaming around you or spend time sitting in a park writing about your impressions. You may enjoy a museum or cathedral here or there, but there will be no mad race to complete a checklist of that city’s tourist destination, so leave the guidebook at home. Quietude and contemplation are ours for the taking in even the busiest of destinations.

As the blog develops, we’ll look at ways to exercise your “mindfulness muscle” before heading abroad. Learning to be present in our daily lives and in our hometown enriches our appreciation of all the small blessings we so frequently forget in the hustle and bustle of life. Taking your practice out on the road is just another facet of mindful living.pexels-photo-853169.jpeg

4 thoughts on “Mindful Travel: different from tourism

  1. Love this Michelle! I experienced this when I was bless with the opportunity to go to Europe for a few days. It was a planned trip but I escaped a couple of times to just see, hear and watch! It was magical!

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    • Yes, my hopeful future is to travel much, much more….but at the moment I am constrained by dogs and child at home, which complicates making arrangements a bit. I force the issue to have at least one trip a year (on the agenda now is Mexico City in June). What are some of your destinations on your “short list”?


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