Málaga, Spain: Unexpected Art

Málaga touts itself as a city of art, and it does not disappoint–it is packed with low and no cost museums. As most tourists, I spent hours online before my trip reading about what were the “must see” spots and constructed my top ten list. I think I checked off three–maybe. The weather was intensely perfect and I couldn’t bear to be inside for any length of time. The surprise, however, for the Mindful Traveler, was that art lives around every corner of Málaga, the city oozes art: seemingly every surface is covered with street art and this became a fascination and a fixation for my hours upon hours of solitary walking–I just never tired of it. It was one of the defining features of this special city for me and I treasured each new discovery. Research your destination…but let your trip unfold organically and see what happens beyond your list.



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