Inspirational Quote: Vagabonding, Rolf Potts

Happy to see that my first read-through of Vagabonding actually sunk into my noggin and I applied the lessons!  I am reading it a second time right now and enjoying it still–awesome book….I’m so ready to leave again!

“The secret to staying intrigued on the road–the secret to truly being different from the frustrated masses–is this: Don’t set limits.

Don’t set limits on what you can or can’t do. Don’t set limits on what is or isn’t worthy of your time. Dare yourself to ‘play games’ with your day: watch, wait, listen; allow things to happen.

Indeed, if you set off on down the road with specific agendas and goals, you will at best discover the pleasure of actualizing them. But if you wander with open eyes and simple curiosity, you’ll discover a much richer pleasure–the simple feeling of possibility that hums from every direction as you move from place to place.”


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