Daily Mindfulness: Learning to dine alone

We’ll cover this subject more than once…make it part of your practice to dine alone in your own town on a regular basis. You WILL feel awkward at times, but learn to sit through that and move beyond it. This will be your homework to progress towards solitary, mindful travel.

Order an alcoholic beverage–spend slightly too much on it and make it something glorious. Order your meal and do not hesitate to have an appetizer as your meal–the portions are usually more logical. Resist the urge to immerse yourself in an alternative universe: leave your phone completely stowed, not even on the table. Do not read a book, lovely as that is. Be completely and utterly present in your own life. Let the nibble of ahi delight your palate; allow the velvety wine to slip down and soothe your soul. Chuckle silently at the juicy tidbits of overheard conversation. Eat very slowly, deliberately, linger at the table beyond American standards. Glory and revel in your own company.


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