Inspirational Quote: The Art of Pilgrimage

I’ll be sharing frequently from this book as I read it…it’s everything I hoped it would be! So many fantastic excerpts…this one really spoke to me today.

The Art of Pilgrimage, Phil Cousineau

Imagine lighting an old brass lantern. Visualize the light that pours forth over the road in front of you. Can you say, as Isak Dinesen did of her home in Africa, that “This is where I ought to be”? Do you feel a longing to be somewhere else?

Think of the ways that questions illuminate the world around us. Questions tune the soul. The purpose behind questions is to initiate the quest.

Recall the words of Alan Jones, dean of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, who writes, “We are impoverished in our longing and devoid of imagination when it comes to our reaching out to others…We need to be introduced to our longings, because they guard our mystery.”

Ask yourself what mystery is being guarded by your longing. Are you taking the time to find out? The time for this never appears, it is discovered.


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