Morning Meditation

I felt so out of sorts yesterday and could not parse out why–until I remembered I had gone straight to work in the morning instead of my usual morning walk. I realize now how much that moving meditation soothes me and sets the tone for the remainder of the day. Instead of constructed busyness and have-to-do….peace and tranquility as I watch the city yawn and stretch and begin her day. My silent witness a balm to my own soul.

The Beginning of Solitude: Seattle

Seattle was not my first solo trip, but it was the trip that began my journey. I traveled out with my coworkers from the museum I worked at back then to tour the studio of Dale Chihuly. The art was everything we hoped and my time with the others was enjoyable and full of the love of friendship. What made the trip memorable however was my time in unexpected solitude. At one point, my fellow travelers all had plans with their spouse who was along or with visits to friends and family who lived in the area–I had a few hours foisted upon me that left me solely in the company of myself. I set out walking. As I did, a peculiar joy washed over me: the pleasure of being alone in the world, following only my own curiosity about what lay around the next corner. I was much younger on this trip than I am now and I had never before experienced solitude and self-direction. I had always bent to the wishes of others. My parents, my husband, had directed my footsteps. Walking now alone awakened a spark in my soul that I hadn’t even known existed. I was thrilled with the power of my solitude and the strange invisibility it gave me to observe the city life teeming around me, a stream swirling and parting around a rock. I wandered into a jewelry store that sold estate jewelry. In the case was an opal ring, my birthstone. When I slipped it on my finger, it felt like it belonged there–had always belonged there. I have worn it ever since except in situations where the soft stone is at risk for damage. The ring has become a symbol to me of that day when my soul finally started to grow. The ring is my reminder of personal power, independence, and the dawning realization that it is I alone who direct my path and choose where my footsteps lead me. This was the start of a long and peculiar adventure.opal ring

Daily Beauty: graveside

In the “Daily Beauty” section, I will share some of my personal photos with you. I take great joy in my amateur photography and have enjoyed using it to slow down and examine things more closely.

This photo is of one of the most beautiful things I stumbled across when I lived in Wilmington, NC. I have always loved walking through cemeteries and cherish the quietude in them.  Wilmington has some lovely old ones that were close to where I lived.  This shower of petals was so stunning that I sat down there for quite a while just so I could savor this beauty that would not last.27747355_10213601848977205_8664200925338071537_o